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KATI TOLNAI  07.07.23 - 12.31.23

The Maria Leuff Foundation is pleased to present an exhibition by Kati Tolnai.


The current exhibition focuses on a series of intimate ceramic works made over the course of two decades behind the Iron Curtain. Each of the pieces on view were created on a low fire, using the Faience technique, in accordance with the technological conditions of the time, in the absence of a high-fire kiln. Tolnai's forms emerge from the organic construction of nature, enriched with engineering rigor and emotion alike.


Kati Tolnai was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1945. She trained as a Goldsmith and received a masters degree in porcelain design from The College of Applied Arts in Budapest in 1969.  Her work has been exhibited at The Ernst Museum, Budapest Hungary, Kunsthalle Műcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary, Collegium Hungaricum, Wien, Austria, Bartók Kamaraszínház, Budapest, Hungary, The Association of Hungarian Architects, Budapest, Hungary and The Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary. 

For more information please contact Amy Elizabeth at

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