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JOSEPH BEUYS  01.07.21 - 04.07.21   

The Maria Leuff Foundation is pleased to present an inaugural exhibition of works by German artist Joseph Beuys (1921-1986).


Set in centennial observance of Beuys's birth, the exhibition will focus on multiples as exemplary works in felt, audio, iron and wood. Together, these motifs comprise a central tone to Beuys's understanding of spirit, matter and its relationship to the evolution of humankind.

Joseph Beuy's was one of the most influential and controversial artists of postwar Germany. His work has been collected and shown widely in Europe and the United States, with major retrospectives mounted by the Guggenheim Museum (1979) and Tate Modern (2005), among others. Large collections of his multiples are held by several American institutions, including the Walker Art Center and the Broad Art Foundation in Los Angeles. For more information please contact Amy Elizabeth at

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